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Learn instantly where your business is allowed
Research what businesses are allowed at a particular address. Or, survey a color-coded map of an entire city for locations where you can set up shop.
No technical jargon needed
Build Business is an easy-to-use and powerful tool, regardless of your background and exposure to city planning. Use natural language to search for the type of business you want to open; familiarity with the city's way of classifying land uses is not required.
Understand the permitting requirements
Permitting requirements often differ based on the type of business and location chosen. Build Business provides site- and business-specific information about the process that needs to be followed to secure planning department approvals.
Reduce time spent researching and relaying automatable information
Build Business empowers entrepreneurs to find the answers, themselves, to questions they would normally call or visit the planning counter to get answered. City planners rely on Build Business to provide consistent answers to commonly-asked land use questions in just a few clicks.
Our Coverage:
1 City
900,000 in Population
We currently cover San Francisco. We will soon cover the City of San Mateo and more.
Frequently Asked Questions

Symbium Build Business is available for homeowners and professionals to access and perform searches free of charge. For local and state governments that want coverage in areas we do not yet cover, we charge an annual licensing fee that is often below a city's procurement threshold to activate the rules and regulations specific to your city on Symbium Build Business. Send us a message to learn more. Someone from the Symbium team will respond promptly.

That depends on how quickly we can coordinate a kickoff and deployment schedule with City staff. It can take anywhere from weeks to months.

Some cities have procured Symbium Build, Symbium Build+, and Symbium Build Business under sole source procurement.

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We understand that most people are already feeling the crunch and do not have the bandwidth to assume additional time-consuming roles to deploy tech. A typical activation with Symbium takes 2-3 weeks (based on how quickly we can obtain responses from our city partners) and we typically need not check in more than once a week.

Yes, Symbium offers email support to our partners at no additional charge. It's as easy as contacting your account executive or contacting Symbium directly via our contact page.

We do not charge any additional fees for support or updates. We have flat-fee, transparent pricing so that you can budget our products in advance without any surprises. Even when the regulations change, we will update the associated products for you at no additional charge.

If you're a homeowner or professional, you can use Symbium Build Business in any of our current cities or jurisidctions for free right now. If you want coverage in a new city or jurisdiction, send us a message to learn more. Someone from the Symbium team will respond promptly.

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