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Instantly access site-specific development standards that apply to your projects
Quickly answer client inquiries about what’s possible on their property. Save yourself time flipping through pages of zoning regulations by using Symbium Build and Symbium Build Business to understand the development standards that apply to a piece of property in just a few clicks.
Visualize the regulations and data that inform development
Visualize the impact of planning and zoning regulations citywide. Analyze their effect in a variety of maps and charts, and unlock key insights using filters and data overlays.
List your building designs on the Symbium Build marketplace
Sign up for Symbium Build+ in order to list your Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) floor plans in the Symbium Build marketplace, where homeowners who will have the ability to drag and drop your plans onto a map of their property and see how they fit. Obtain insights into the public interaction with your designs so that you can save time and make fast improvements to serve a larger customer base.
Find interested homeowners
Connect with homeowners who are interested in your designs and services using Symbium Build+. Focus your marketing efforts on those who own properties where your designs are feasible.
Symbium Build
Understand the planning codes that impact your new ADU projects
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Symbium Build Business
Give instant land-use advice to your commercial clients
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Symbium Build+
See where your ADU designs fit and list them on our ADU marketplace
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Frequently Asked Questions

Symbium Build+ is currently live only in California. All active cities can be found at Symbium Build.

If you would like to use Symbium Build+ in our current active cities, you can gain access in less than a day. If you would like to use Symbium Build+ on a city that is not already active, it can take a matter of weeks for us to onboard a new city.

Aside from getting yourself acquainted with our user-friendly interface, there is no additional time needed to get started.

Yes, Symbium offers email support to our partners at no additional charge. It’s as easy as contacting your account executive or contacting Symbium directly via our contact page.

Symbium Build and Symbium Build Business is available for anyone to access and perform searches free of charge. Access to Symbium Build+ is billed on a flat-fee, annual basis. Send us a message to learn more. Someone from the Symbium team will respond promptly.

We do not charge any additional fees for support or updates. We have flat-fee, transparent pricing so that you can budget our products in advance, without any surprises. Even when the regulations change, we will update the associated products for you at no additional charge.

Anyone may access Symbium Build and Symbium Build Business. There is no charge to do this. To learn more about Symbium Build+, please contact us.

Currently, Symbium does not allow third-party integrations.

Try Symbium Build and Symbium Build Business for free right now. To try Symbium Build+, send us a message to learn more. Someone from the Symbium team will respond promptly.

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