Learn instantly where your business is allowed
Research what businesses are allowed at a particular address. Or, survey a color-coded map of an entire city for locations where you can set up shop.
No technical jargon needed
Build Business is an easy-to-use and powerful tool, regardless of your background and exposure to city planning. Use natural language to search for the type of business you want to open; familiarity with the city's way of classifying land uses is not required.
Screenshot of Build Business for San Mateo
Screenshot of details about a property on Build Business
Understand the permitting requirements
Permitting requirements often differ based on the type of business and location chosen. Build Business provides site- and business-specific information about the process that needs to be followed to secure planning department approvals.
Reduce time spent researching and relaying automatable information
Build Business empowers entrepreneurs to find the answers, themselves, to questions they would normally call or visit the planning counter to get answered. City planners rely on Build Business to provide consistent answers to commonly-asked land use questions in just a few clicks.
Photo of California and the locations of San Francisco and San Mateo
Our Coverage:
2 Cities
1M in Population
We currently cover Milpitas, San Francisco and San Mateo, with more coming soon.
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