Image of Redwood city houses that support ADUs
Visualize the regulations and data that inform development
See the impact of planning and zoning regulations citywide. Analyze their effect in a variety of maps and charts, and unlock key insights using filters and data overlays. Evaluate existing conditions in your web browser.
Understand the specific impact of proposed laws using Complaw®
Perform “what if” analyses to understand how an upcoming change in Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) laws will impact an entire jurisdiction.
Photo of Symbium's powerful ADU planning tool
Photo of an ADU's vendor dashboard
Deep market research with PlanFit and filters
Perform region-wide searches to, for example, search across a jurisdiction for parcels where ADUs are allowed, where the parcel's size is greater than 10,000 sq. ft., and where the parcel is located within ½-mile walking distance of transit, and then visualize the results as statistics, charts, and maps.
List your building designs on Symbium Build
List your ADU floor plans in the marketplace, where homeowners will have the ability to drag and drop your plans onto a map of their property and see how they fit. Obtain insights into the public interaction with your particular design so that you can save time and make fast improvements to serve a larger customer base. Connect with homeowners who are interested in your designs and services.
Screenshot of multiple ADU Designs from PrefabADU and Inspired ADUs
See how your designs are performing on Symbium Build
Analyze user interactions to, for example, understand how homeowners are interacting with specific floor plans in the Symbium Build marketplace.
Fast maps and charts
Transform your experience of regulations and data. Visualize planning and zoning laws as they apply to each parcel and across a given jurisdiction.
Start your micro-targeted marketing campaign
Quickly analyze how many properties in a jurisdiction will accommodate a specific ADU design and use this data for focused marketing campaigns
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