What is Symbium's Express Permitting Pilot and who can participate?
Contractors and local jurisdiction building staff are facing a similar crisis: building and zoning codes are complex and getting permits issued for even simple home improvement projects often take an indeterminate amount of time and staff resources. Symbium is extending its public-facing permitting experience at no cost for jurisdictions in California and will include the ability for the public to search for and visualize property data, complete a project scope, apply for required permits and applicable rebates, then schedule inspections, from a single dashboard. Symbium's permitting tool can be integrated into a jurisdiction's permit tracking system, at no additional charge, for a seamless permitting experience.

The pilot is open to all local building departments in California.
What permit types are covered in Symbium's pilot?
Symbium's permitting pilot covers all express building permits. Some jurisdictions may refer to express permits as “no-plan” or “instant” permits, which include certain electrification projects, plumbing, and replacement or installation of certain home components and appliances. Upon request, Symbium's permitting pilot will also help cities to comply with California's SB379 mandate for a public-facing solar permitting tool to instantly verify code compliance.
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What does it cost and how can we get started?
There is no initial or ongoing cost to pilot participants. At the time a permit application is submitted, Symbium charges a nominal service fee to the permit applicant to subsidize ongoing maintenance of the platform. Symbium employs an internal team of senior planning and building code professionals to implement all permits and associated fee schedules, then integrates into your permit tracking system. We are a proud member of the California Solar & Storage Association and the American Planning Association and we maintain government partnerships across California.

You can get started by contacting us to schedule a short discovery call.