View the planning regulations that apply to the project proposal
Enter a project scope into Symbium Plancheck to instantly view a checklist of the specific zoning regulations that impact the project. Plancheck checks if regulations are complied with and provides metrics, notes, and links to the zoning code to aid site plan review.
Identify the planning forms required for a complete submittal
Symbium Plancheck automatically generates a list of relevant planning forms that the applicant is required or may be required to submit, based on the project scope.
Automatically generate comment letters to applicants
Symbium Plancheck packages all the information gathered and notes drafted to the applicant during site plan review into a comment letter that can be downloaded and revised in a Word document.
Integrate into your online permitting system
Symbium Plancheck can integrate into existing permit tracking systems if an API is available. If a permit tracking system is not already in place, Symbium will partner with one of its subcontractors to offer a comprehensive and configurable PTS, which can be priced below a city’s procurement threshold to ensure swift procurement.
Screenshot of multiple ADU Designs from PrefabADU and Inspired ADUs
Generate more revenue with faster project reviews
Symbium Plancheck helps accelerate the site plan review process, cut down on the time required to train new hires and consultants, and reduce mistakes and inconsistencies, leading to more revenue for local governments.