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Symbium is expanding its freely accessible Citizen’s Dashboard (available at across the United States. We need your help with creating more awareness about our work so that we can continue to help the public by making property data, regulatory analysis, and permit submissions much easier to navigate and manage.

Our vision is that anyone should be able to understand and visualize what’s possible on a property and then to submit a permit in a highly intuitive and user-friendly manner.

In order to make this a success, we need your help with linking to Symbium (via in articles or websites about housing, real estate, building, property data, zoning, and permitting.

Who can help?
  • City planning and building departments link to Symbium as a free resource to residents.
  • Real estate agents link to Symbium from their professional or individual property websites so that buyers and sellers can understand and visualize property potential.
  • Real estate professionals, such as architects, developers, and contractors link to Symbium from their company websites to help people get instant access to authoritative property data, permit history, and ADU possibilities.
  • Housing nonprofits link to Symbium from their websites as a free public resource about properties, land use, and affordable housing.
  • Journalists can link to Symbium in their articles about housing, zoning, environmental hazards, land use, ADUs, and real estate.

If you have a special request for integrating to Symbium from your site to streamline the experience of what’s possible on a property, we want to hear about it. Please complete the form on this page.

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