Computational Law Services

Computational LawTM or ComplawTM forms the core of Symbium's services. Our web services mechanize legal analysis and bring it directly to the human experience, facilitating efficient exchange of data and reducing processing times from multiple months or weeks to few days or clicks.


Visualizes where ADUs are allowed, reveals site-specific zoning regulations, enables users to sketch a site plan, and explains the required process.

BUILD for business

Analyzes whether a business is permitted at a location and visualizes where, throughout a jurisdiction, a business may be located under zoning regulations.

Zone My City

Digitize a jurisdiction's zoning map using an easy-to-use, online drawing tool. Download the resulting data as a shapefile or in GeoJSON.

Accurate. Customizable. Fast.

Symbium's Complaw-enabled applications have rules and regulations built right in, so you get the benefit of correct filings, instant feedback, and fast approvals. No matter how complex the rules are, they can be folded into our service in a lightweight manner – sometimes, in a matter of days.

Correct filings

Correct filings

Correct your application or workflow at the point of data entry.

Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback

Generate what if scenarios across a variety of government services.

Fast Approvals

Fast Approvals

Streamline multi-channeled workflows across multiple departments within cities.

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