Software Engineer

Reinventing citizen-to-government interactions

At Symbium, we are transforming how citizens interact with local governments and comprehend laws and regulations. Imagine a world where homeowners and contractors can effortlessly grasp the implications of legal requirements, instantly visualize the possibilities for their properties, and seamlessly navigate the permit and rebate processes, all with the click of a button. Welcome to Symbium's Citizen's Dashboard!

Permit applications submitted through Symbium are instantly approved for issuance. This is because the applicable compliance checks are performed in real time, ensuring that every permit application is correct and complete. Key to this advance is Symbium's proprietary computational law (or Complaw®) technology, which enables a TurboTax-like mechanization of legal analyses through software in a swift and lean manner, initially developed by the founding team at Stanford's AI Lab.

In July 2023, Symbium launched a permitting pilot that allows California cities to grant instant permits for electrification and other critical decarbonization projects. From solar panel installations to EV chargers, heat pumps, re-roofing, and beyond, we're leading the charge in accelerating the adoption and installation of these technologies. With partnerships already secured with 21 California jurisdictions for the permitting pilot, there's no stopping us.

Building an end-to-end, streamlined permitting experience requires translating building codes and local procedural requirements into computable regulations. It also requires establishing API integrations into local government workflow systems to submit permits, track their status, and gather essential property-related information. We are looking for talented software engineers to help us in this transformative endeavor.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Work closely with our product managers and other software engineers to build new products or features from start to finish: from conception through release and maintenance.
  • Build internal tools to streamline our processes and to increase team productivity.
  • Develop early prototypes to help with product scoping.
  • Create detailed development proposals that outline the technical approach, architecture, and estimated effort required for new features or improvements. These proposals should include a clear rationale for the proposed solution, potential trade-offs, and anticipated benefits.
  • Effectively communicate and present development proposals to stakeholders, addressing any questions or concerns they may have.
  • Continuously monitor project progress, proactively identify potential issues or roadblocks that could impact development or project timelines, and communicate them constructively and promptly to maintain project momentum and quality.
  • Take ownership of individual tasks and projects, demonstrating the ability to work independently to achieve project goals and meet deadlines.
  • Build APIs that support our web applications as well as third-party usage.

Experience & Qualifications

Our ideal candidate is a creative problem solver who loves to code (and is good at it!) and who is passionate about how their code has the ability to disrupt the status-quo in our society. We are looking for someone who meets the following requirements:
  • Excited at the opportunity to build a complex web application from the ground up.
  • Ability to manage multiple development projects under tight deadlines.
  • At least 2 – 3 years of experience with NodeJS with hands-on experience in setting up APIs and building scalable applications.
  • Proficiency in working with MySQL and a solid understanding of fundamental database concepts, including schema design, query optimization, and performance considerations.
  • Familiarity with deploying and managing services on AWS, including but not limited to Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS.
  • Proficiency in HTML and CSS for creating responsive web interfaces.
  • Have built or worked on a major component of an exciting product in your previous roles and loved the satisfaction that comes with its usage.
  • Team player who is passionate about being a part of a tight-knit and nimble team.
  • Understands the significance of good software development practices such as unit tests, profiling, prototypes etc.


  • Demonstrated experience in designing, developing, and maintaining ETL pipelines, leveraging Python as a primary tool for data extraction, transformation, and loading processes.
  • Familiarity with Neo4j graph databases and expertise in using the Cypher query language.
  • Familiarity or hands-on experience with logic programming languages or concepts (e.g., Prolog).
Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis and be willing to relocate to California prior to the start of employment. Symbium does not provide visa sponsorships at this time.
Symbium is an equal opportunity employer.