Instantly access site-specific development standards and land use regulations
Answer residents' and business owners' inquiries about what's possible on a property with speed, accuracy, and consistency. Save yourself time flipping through pages of zoning regulations by using Symbium Build to understand the development standards and land use regulations that apply to a piece of property in just a few clicks.
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Data-powered analysis of regions, cities, and individual parcels
Evaluate existing conditions in your city instantly in your web browser. Easily create maps and charts that show the information you want to see. Also see how neighboring cities are addressing the same issues your city is tackling.
Understand the impact of proposed zoning regulations using Complaw®
Run “what if” analyses to assess how an proposed change in Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations will impact your city. Visualize the results in responsive and intuitive maps and charts. Use data to drive your policy initiatives.
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Assess the effectiveness of pre-approved ADU plans and make them available on Build
Evaluate if specific designs will work well as pre-approved plans across your city, considering site conditions and zoning. Determine how designs need to change in order to meet the needs of the greatest number of residents. Also allow your residents to access pre-approved ADU plans in an easy-to-use interface with Symbium Build.
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