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Instantly access site-specific development standards and land use regulations
Answer residents' and business owners' inquiries about what's possible on a property with speed, accuracy, and consistency. Save yourself time flipping through pages of zoning regulations by using Symbium Build to understand the development standards and land use regulations that apply to a piece of property in just a few clicks.
Data-powered analysis of regions, cities, and individual parcels
Evaluate existing conditions in your city instantly in your web browser. Easily create maps and charts that show the information you want to see. Also see how neighboring cities are addressing the same issues your city is tackling.
Understand the impact of proposed zoning regulations using Complaw
Run “what if” analyses to assess how an proposed change in Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or commercial land use regulations will impact your city. Visualize the results in responsive and intuitive maps and charts. Use data to drive your policy initiatives.
Assess the effectiveness of pre-approved ADU plans.
Evaluate if specific designs will work well as pre-approved plans across your city, considering site conditions and zoning. Determine how designs need to change in order to meet the needs of the greatest number of residents. Also allow your residents to access pre-approved ADU plans in an easy-to-use interface with Symbium Build.
Symbium Build
Give instant ADU guidance to your residents
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Symbium Build Business
Provide land-use guidance to small business owners instantly
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Symbium Build+
Understand zoning's impact, test scenarios, and analyze site suitability citywide
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Frequently Asked Questions

Symbium Build+ is currently live only in California. All active cities can be found at Symbium Build.

From the time you sign on to the time you're using the service is normally a matter of weeks, including time for training, but this estimate could ebb and flow based on a number of factors.

That depends on how quickly we can coordinate a kickoff and deployment schedule with city staff. It can take anywhere from weeks to months.

Some cities have procured Symbium Build, Symbium Build+, and Symbium Build Business under sole source procurement.

We understand that most city staff are already feeling the crunch and do not have the bandwidth to assume additional time-consuming roles to deploy tech. A typical city activation with Symbium takes 2-3 weeks (based on how quickly we can obtain responses from our city partners) and we typically need not check in more than once a week during that period.

Yes, Symbium offers email support to our partners at no additional charge. It's as easy as contacting your account executive or contacting Symbium directly via our contact page.

Symbium Build is available for anyone to access and perform searches free of charge. We charge an annual licensing fee that is often below a city's procurement threshold to activate the rules and regulations specific to your city on Symbium Build. Access to Symbium Build+ is also billed on a flat-fee, annual basis. Send us a message to learn more. Someone from the Symbium team will respond promptly.

We do not charge any additional fees for support or updates. We have flat-fee, transparent pricing so that you can budget our products in advance without any surprises. Even when the regulations change, we will update the associated products for you at no additional charge.

Anyone may access Symbium Build and Symbium Build Business. There is no charge to do this. To learn more about Symbium Build+, please contact us.

Currently, Symbium does not allow third-party integrations.

Send us a message to learn more. Someone from the Symbium team will respond promptly.

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